Pedalling into a greener future

I feel that one of the most challenging concepts which comes head to head in the outdoor world is finding gear which is sustainable but also provides the quality and safety you need when heading out.

Although cycling is already an eco friendly mode of transport, I’ve been researching some gear which has minimum environmental impact yet still gives you the performance and durability which you need on the road. Below i’ve listed some of my gear for a perfect bike set up


Bamboo Bicycle Club   

Based in London, Bamboo bicycle club are a group of bike enthusiasts who are passionate about sustainability and developing these cutting edge bikes that can be completely recycled after many years of usage. The frames are hand made from bamboo and can be modified into making a road bike, off road or a custom build. They also hold workshop weekends to learn how to build your own bike!


Boo Bamboo

Boo Bamboo offer a huge range of beautifully crafted bikes, from custom gravel bikes, fat bikes, urban commuters and mountain bikes which are hand welded from lugs of the Aluboo and Alubooyah.

Whats great about bamboo bikes?

Bamboo is emerging as a sustainable building material due to its fast growth rate, which means it is a renewable resource and sequesters large amounts of carbon dioxide as it grows. Bamboo is said to be an ideal material for bicycles as it’s stronger and lighter than most metals. Bamboo also absorbs road vibrations much better, meaning you can stay in the saddle longer and more comfortably


Brooks Cambium is made from natural rubber, organic cotton, aluminium and steel. Designed to stand the test of time, the Cambium is both durable and comfortable. Loved by serious endurance cyclists, the saddle’s shape helps to reduce road vibrations offering improved comfort during long distance rides


Cellutch is produce bicycle helmets made from the forest. The helmet is made from a wood-based foam, making it a biodegradable alternative to regular plastic protection. Cellutech, a design start-up in Sweden, have come up with a wood-based alternative to Styrofoam. Their material, which they call Cellufoam, is made of wood pulp and is renewable and biodegradable. It is lightweight, suitable for packaging and many other purposes, including this bicycle helmet.

Kali protectives have also brought the Saha on to the market. The SAHA is a very eco-friendly urban helmet featuring Bio-Dome construction, recycled EPS, and natural fabrics. The PLA-ABS blended shell, removable visor, and Fidlock buckle make the SAHA a tough and versatile helmet for any commute.


Vaude introduces cycling and outdoor sports footwear made with eco-friendly leather. The outdoor model features a 100% recyclable Sympatex membrane in combination with the leather. It is water-repellent and breathable. Further to this, the VAUDE label “PVC-free” means that this product is manufactured 100% free of PVC (polyvinyl choride). PVC largely contains plasticizers (phthalates) that are considered to be harmful to the environment 

Vaude are a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) and state they are committed to continuously improve working conditions at all of there production facilities. VAUDE has achieved leader status, the highest status of FWF membership.


Panniers –  Green Guru Gear up-cycle old bike tubes, defective gear and left over product materials to produce their gear. My favourite from the collection is the Shifter Saddle bag, an under seat bag made from old inner tubes is designed to hold a tube, tool kit, and pump.

The Vaude ‘Green Shape Label’ range offer functional, environmentally-friendly products made from sustainable materials and are manufactured under fair working conditions along the entire supply chain.

Water bottle – The Kleen Kanteen range produce stainless steel, BPA free, reusable water bottles making them an ideal solution to single use plastic bottles . The 27oz water bottle from Kleen Kanteen fits perfectly into a bottle cage, and you can also get them with a sports cap so you don’t have to stop and unscrew the bottle like other flasks.

Light – The Owleye Solar Headlight gives you five full hours of power for just three hours of sun charging, and the best part  – no batteries to buy or dispose of.




MaintenanceGreen Oil is a UK based company which manufacture biolubricants and bicycle maintenance products that are effective but don’t harm the environment. Some of the great things about Green Oil is they use 100% recycled bottles, no palm oil, petrochemical and and PTFE free, they don’t use palm oil and use solely plant based ingredients.




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