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I’ve recently been looking for some new climbing gear as my passion for the sport is starting to grow, and I began to realise it would be more beneficial for me to invest in my own shoes than keep hiring from the local wall. I’ve been searching online for a shoe which isn’t too aggressive for my introduction to climbing, but mainly to find a shoe which is sustainably and ethically sourced. One of my favourites I found was the La Sportiva Mythos Eco

The Mythos Eco is an a re-edition of the famous Mythos climbing shoe made with eco-friendly materials to minimize the environmental impact. Its a sustainable interpretation of the infamous La Sportiva climbing shoe “Mythos”, designed in Val di Fiemme in 1991, and which 25 years later, still remains one of the key products for long routes enthusiasts. With current climate news and social media making us aware of all the challenges that face the planet, Mythos fans will also be able to feel that their purchase doesn’t have a damaging effect on the planet


As many as 95% of the shoe’s components are derived from entirely recycled materials, like the lace ribbons, the padding for the tongue and the outsole (by recycling the rubber used in the manufacturing process) and with reduced environmental impact (metal free tanning, biodegradable leather, water-based adhesives). The La Sportiva Eco-Rubber outsole is obtained by recycling the rubber used in the production process at La Sportiva- a concept which La Sportiva has been striving to promote for many years and which can be seen as the “natural evolution” of the company’s growth process.

The shoe was selected by the OutDoor jury for the Sustainable Innovations award:

A forward looking idea that we should all welcome, especially if we think of the fast and easy nature of climbing shoes.” 

You can purchase the mythos eco from Alpine trek for £105


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