At One With is a place to share stories of adventure, travel and love for the great outdoors.

At One With believes in eco-adventure and interested in the ways in which we can help protect the planet. The world brings us so much joy and we believe that we should give something back

About Me

I’m Emily, an adventure seeking, outdoor lover from the UK. I left my home town last year to travel, starting in Sri Lanka, across to Australia and now i’m currently living in the South Island of New Zealand.

I’ve been fascinated with the nature and conservation since I was a child. After school I went on to study Conservation Biology at University, during which I volunteered with animals and conservation organisations as much as possible. One of my first trips was heading to Thailand to volunteer at an elephant rescue centre, then cleaning the oceans on Eco dives in Malaysia, and most recently spending some time in South Africa volunteering in a game reserve, i’m hoping to work on projects throughout my travels.

Since settling in New Zealand I’ve been wanting to share my adventures and passion for the outdoors. I hope my words and pictures inspire you to venture into the wild and explore

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